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In collaboration with some of Europe's leading media, University Positions is one of the most visited career networks within universities, colleges and research since 2004. Each month our network and associated partners are visited by several hundred thousand unique visitors, while over 60,000 jobs subscribers are constantly updated via e-mail with matching job opportunities.

What is it that makes us the obvious choice?

  • Since 2004 we have regularly worked with over 1000 universities and research institutes to find the best talent locally and internationally.
  • Our career network consists of 12 local based and developed career portals that are niche to each country's unique academic environment.
  • 300 000 people visit our network each month & 60 000 candidates whom are registered in our system, subscribing to matching job opportunities via email.
  • Visitors belonging to all disciplines and at all career levels.

Advantages of advertising with us

  • Niche exposure to both local as well as international candidates depending on how widespread you want to advertise.
  • Direct contact with candidates that matches the profile you seek through our matching system. As soon as you advertise your services through us, ads are sent directly by mail to the candidates who match the profiles you are looking for national or internationally.
  • Wide exposure through our partners enabling a vast possibility of web hits and increases the chances of finding the right candidate.

Our unique advertising solution will make it possible for you as an advertiser to come into direct contact with relevant candidates via our mail matching system, niche advertising via our career networks as well as broad exposure via our niche yet extensive associated partners.

Do you have any questions about how to advertise for a specific candidate?

With over 10 years in the business, we have helped with all kinds of recruitment in all scientific fields, giving expert advice as to what you as an advertiser should consider when you advertise for new employees. No question is too strange. You are welcome to contact us 24/7.

Who visits the site?

University Positions attracts researchers and academics from around the world. The whole network is currently used by between 250,000 and 300,000 people each month actively and passively looking for a job in Europe.

International advertising?

If you are interested in advertising in Europe as well as to the rest of the world the advert( English text) is also exposed via - all the career portals in our European career networks:

As well as all of our regional career portals, which are also visited every month by thousands of relevant candidates who are interested in what is on offer in terms of careers in science and research. Each portal also has thousands of associated job subscribers who actively keep abreast of what is offered in their scientific fields via e-mail.


Collaborations Unlike many of the market's other operators, we choose to work with a number of relevant partners in Scandinavia and Europe so you as an advertiser can reach out not only to active job seekers but also people who read relevant news and who may be interested in changing jobs. The combination of being seen both via one of Europe's leading career networks, University Positions, as well as our partners therefore gives you a unique opportunity to reach out to both active and passive candidates as well as the best marketing within the academic and scientific world.

Forskning & Framsteg

The magazine Forskning & Framsteg was founded in 1967 and is Scandinavia's leading research magazine. Common interests include astronomy, physics, environment and ecology, energy and technology, medicine and psychology, nature and animals, history and archeology, philosophy and ethics, economy, language, culture and social sciences.

Forskning & Framsteg distributes over 40,000 copies per month, 98% of which are sent out to subscribers in Scandinavia. Each issue is read by between 120,000 and 150,000 persons, 40% of whom are women and 60% men. The magazine's job section is directly linked to our northern European portals.

You can


Glassdoor is one of the world's leading career networks. With millions of visitors worldwide each month, you as an advertiser can reach out to candidates in relevant environments. When you publish an advertisement via University Positions, we also make sure that your vacancy is published via the Glassdoor network.


Our main European partner is Euraxess, which provides our customers with additional international monitoring. Euraxess is a joint initiative of the European Commission and the countries participating in the European Union's Framework Programme for Research. When you publish an advert in University Positions, we make sure that you also have your vacancy published on Euraxess.

Advertising Solutions

Job advertisements

Your advert is shown in our network as well as our partners' network until the last day of application. All your advertisement text is published, along with your company logo. We match your advert to our recruitment system or alternatively to a specific e-mail address.


E-mails which are sent out to tens of thousands of relevant candidates who are registered in our network and who want to keep up with the latest listings in our network. We will match your advertisement with the candidates who have registered an interest in the specific area you are looking for.

Academic World News

Read about the latest news from the academic world, you also have the opportunity to publish your own articles about your research via Academic world news & University Positions. You can connect your articles to your employer profile and boost specific adverts that you also wish to publish via University Positions. For publishing of articles please send us an e-mail with further information to:

New Face

Via "New face" you can read interviews and information about researchers and academics from around the world. We support both upcoming researchers early in their careers and senior academics promoting their latest research. If you want to be more present in the academic world and be a part of "New face" on University Positions via an interview about your research/biography please contact us via e-mail:


Employers can increase the exposure of their business and job vacancies by linking a banner to their advertisements or alternatively to their own website. The banner will be published on our start pages in the University Positions network and under "search jobs" to increase their exposure and reduce the risk of any potential candidates missing the advertisement.

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Premium jobs

Through Premium jobs, employers have the option to appear on our start pages with a specific advertisement in the University Positions network for one or several weeks. This is in order to help increase interest for the specific service and attract potential candidates.

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